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Welcome to JSC "Mezon"! Our company has vast experience in the manufacture of electronic components and products made from them. We are able to cooperate effectively with foreign partners in the field of development and introduction of new products at modern scientific and technological level, which is founded on the existing industrial base and creates new structures on our production facilities.

Communication experiences with foreign partners and investors shows that general investment climate issues, legal environments and trust of our partners are very important, as well as specific characteristics of the existing facilities and personnel, namely:

  • availability of existing facilities
  • compliance with requirements of ISO 9000
  • skills of the engineering staff to work at modern high level: CAD systems, data processing, etc.
  • compliance with financial accountability to requirements of international standards.

JSC "Mezon" is the highly technological industrial platform that meets the requirements demanded for gigantic enterprises of similar scale.

Presently, production and administrative buildings are in the process of a radical re-structure that will enable the company to meet the highest international standards of technology, security and culture of production and become a leader in high technology in the region.

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Technical parameters of the building

Total area: 23 hectares
Number of buildings: 15
Building area: 130,000 sq m
Floors: Floors 1-13
Ground level: 1-13 levels
Underground levels: 2
Height of buildings: 50 m, 25 m
Distance between columns: 6x-6, 6х9m

Engineering systems

Number of elevators: 13
Passenger elevators: 6
Freight elevators: 7
Electricity supply: 17 MW
Water supply: self-contained
Gasification: complete


The building's design: earthquake resistant, frame building, precast concrete

Glazing of the building: plastic windows, aluminum glass windows, metallic structure

Facade material: reinforced concrete slabs, metal-glass, koseutsky stone (white ashlar limestone)



The "Mezon" company was founded in 1969 as a specialized high-technology venture for the production of micro-electronic integrated circuits and consumer goods based on them. "Mezon" was subordinated to the Ministry of Electronics Industry of the USSR and was a member of the NGO "Research Center", the city of Zelenograd. MD "Mezon" was one of the five largest micro-electronic enterprises in the former USSR with output of more than 130 million integrated circuits per year, and was a leading micro-electronic company in the South West region of the former USSR and the Balkans.

The major classes of manufactured integrated circuits: bipolar logic IC Series 133, 133,533, 1533; logic CMOS series 561, 1561, analog bipolar IC Series 1092, Series 565 RAM, microcontrollers series 585, 1802, 1596, ASIC series 1828, 1854, EEPROM with 1,5 μ technology.

Our company made an invaluable contribution to the exploration of outer space and the bosom of the sea, it worked for the defense industry, producing ultra-precise and highly reliable devices for the military.

The capacity of "Mezon" allowed the enterprise to construct a complete production chain, from product development to final product, which allows an independent production of a whole range of high-technology products targeted at the mass market.

Буран на старте

Construction stages

Завод в 80-е годы


The company today

enterprise buildings

company offices


Mezon, 21 bd. Moscova, Chisinau, Moldova MD-2068

The territory of JSC "Mezon" is located between bd. Moscova and Florilor st. in the elite district of Chisinau (Riscani) with a population of about 200,000 people. JSC "Mezon" is located close to a large residential area near the highway linking Chisinau with the second largest city in the country, Balti. There are public transport stations and taxi stands in the immediate vicinity of the JSC "Mezon" territory. One can reach the center of the city in 10-15 minutes..

Chisinau is the Moldova’s largest city. It is the economic and cultural center located in the central part of the country on the Bic River. Chisinau has a special status in the administrative division of the Chisinau district - it is a municipality. The Chisinau municipality consists of: the actual municipality of Chisinau, 6 cities (Singera, Durlesti, Vatra, Codru, Vadul-lui-Voda, Cricova) and 25 localities united in 13 communities (villages). The population of the city and its suburbs in 2008 was about 800,000 people.

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